BMP-3 family

    BMP-3K Command post vehicle

    The BMP-3K Command post vehicle is based on the BMP-3 IFV and intended to control a subunit, to communicate with the major unit commander and to carry on combined tactical operations within the subunit.

    The BMP-3K is equipped with navigation devices, two radio sets, a receiver, an intercom for seven users, an independent portable power unit.


    Combat weight 18.7+2% t
    Personnel capacity
    Crew 3 persons
    Working seats for officers 3 persons
    Auxiliary seats 2 persons
    Armament system
    100-mm gun-launcher 2A70 1
    30-mm automatic gun 2A72 1
    7.62 mm machine gun PKTM 1
    Fire control system automated, with day, night and thermal imaging sights, laser rangefinder, ballistic computer
    Maximum range of fire 4000 m
    Traverse 360 deg
    Elevation -6…+60 deg
    Ammunition allowance
    Rounds for 100-mm gun-launcher 22 pcs
    Projectiles for 30-mm gun 500 pcs
    ATGM 3 pcs
    Cartridges for machine gun 2000 pcs
    Navigation device TNA-4-6 automatic system for generating running coordinates, bearing and destination angle, grid azimuth with continuous indication of vehicle location on topographic map
    Operation time with preset accuracy 7 h
    Aiming circle PAB-2M, magnetic
    Communication means
    Radio sets R-173, simplex with FM, two-way
    Communication range up to 40 km
    Receiver FM R-173P
    Communication range up to 20 km
    Power pack
    Model AB-R28, 5-V
    Gross power 1 kW
    Rated voltage 30 V
    Rated current 33.3 A
    Mass 60 kg
    Type of engine two-stroke, carburettor

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