BMP-2 Turret

BMP-2 Turret

The BMP-2 turret is fitted with armament, a fire control system, stowage racks, vision devices, communication facilities, a smoke grenade launch system, armour protection, working stations for a gunner and a commander.

The turret is devised for installation on various mobile and stationary platforms.


  • 30-mm automatic gun with double belt feeding stabilized in two planes
  • 7.62-mm machine gun mounted coaxially with gun
  • ATGM launching system

High elevation angle of the gun and the coaxially mounted machine gun enables to fire in mountainous and urban areas, to engage ground and aerial targets.

The up-to-date fire control system ensures target identification and fire back-up by the commander.


Crew 2 persons (commander, gunner)
Combat weight 2561 kg
Outer diameter 2155 mm
Race-ring diameter 1740 mm
Armament swept area 3043 mm
30-mm automatic gun 2A42
Rate of fire
Slow 200-300 rds/min
Fast 550 rds/min
Maximum aimed firing range at ground targets
APT projectiles 2000 m
HEI and FT projectiles 4000 m
Maximum aimed firing range at aerial targets flying with subsonic velocity
Height up to 2000 m
Range up to 2500 m
7.62-mm machine gun PKTM, coaxial with gun
Maximum aimed firing range 2000 m
Rate of fire 700-800 rds/min
Konkurs antitank missile system
ATGMs 9M111, 9M111M, 9M111-2, 9M113, 9M113M
Zones of fire from gun and coaxial machine gun
Traverse 360°
Depression, min
Elevation, min 75°
Ammunition allowance
30-mm APT, FT and HEI cartridges for 2A42 automatic gun 500 pcs
7.62-mm cartridges for coaxial PKTM 2000 pcs
81-mm smoke grenades for 902V system 6 pcs
ATGM 1 piece
Fire control system
Armament stabilizer electromechanical, double-plane, guided from control panels of gunner and commander
Gunner's sight combined (day, active-passive night)
Commander's sight monocular, periscopic, day

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