Kurganmashzavod PJSC provides a full range of after-sales services for previously delivered combat materiel.

1. Training the Customer's specialists in operation, maintenance and repair of the delivered defense-related products.

Kurganmashzavod PJSC will arrange training of the Customer's specialists in all fields of operation of the purchased combat vehicles. Training of qualified staff allows not only ensuring high-quality operation of products, but also extending their service life.

At Customer’s request, training can be conducted both on the base of Kurganmashzavod PJSC, where a specialized training center was established, and on the territory of the Customer (foreign Customer). The company's training center operates under a license.

The training is conducted in the following specialties: commander, gunner-operator, driver mechanic, test driver, engineering and technical staff for maintenance and repair.

The course provides theoretical and practical training in all types of equipment supplied:
- BMP-3, BMP-3F, BMP-3K IFVs;
- BREM-L armored recovery vehicles;
- BMP-3 chassis;
- BT-3F armored personnel carrier;
- BTR MDM "Rakushka" (Shell) APC and chassis;
- BMD-4M airborne assault carrier.

Classrooms are equipped with modern computer interactive tools. Practical driving skills are developed at the company's training ground, where a special obstacle course is equipped. To practice the skills of driving products afloat, there is a large reservoir, which provides all the necessary safety equipment.

A firing gallery (range) is equipped for training weapons experts on the proving ground.

When training specialists on the territory of the Customer (foreign Customer), practical classes are held on the delivered vehicles. For better training, the Customer can purchase training rigs from Kurganmashzavod PJSC.

The classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists of Kurganmashzavod PJSC, Special Design Bureau of Machine Building JSC, and instructors of military educational institutions are involved.

On average, the specialist training takes from 2 to 5 months.

2. Provision of spare parts for previously delivered defense-related products.

Kurganmashzavod PJSC, as the original manufacturer of Russian infantry fighting vehicles can supply a wide range of spare parts for them, because in the production load of the enterprise, these orders traditionally occupy a fairly large volume.

In order to provide system technical support for the fighting vehicles, Kurganmashzavod prepares special sets of spare parts, the so-called Group SPTA sets, which can be delivered together with the vehicles, or separately at the request of the customer, and also provides their accounting and delivery.

Provision of spare parts and consumables can be carried out using the following schemes:
- prompt delivery of spare parts and consumables for a specific customer with the creation of its own warehouse on the basis of Kurganmashzavod PJSC;
- use of spare parts and consumables from the Customer's warehouse;
- provision of spare parts both from the Customer's warehouse and from the warehouses of Kurganmashzavod PJSC.

In addition, provision of spare parts for previously supplied defense-related products of Kurganmashzavod can be made upon requests received from the customer via the companies - MTC entities: JSC "NPO "High-Precision Weapons" and JSC Rosoboronexport.

The established work under the internal cooperation scheme involves the supply of spare parts to a foreign customer through co-executors as well who carry out the overhaul.

Some contractors from among the regular partners can count on the supply of spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

It is important that Kurganmashzavod PJSC has experience in servicing and repairing the vehicles outside the Russian Federation, in countries that operate the IFVs of Kurganmashzavod.

3. Establishing service centers and repair bases.

Given the concentration of a large number of the BMP-1, BMP-2, and BMP-3 IFVs in various regions of the world, it is possible to implement a project to create service centers in countries that operate Kurgan military equipment. The centers can be provided with the appropriate infrastructure for all modifications of the BMP IFV. The project assumes the presence of a specialized stationary repair base, staffing from among both factory specialists and representatives of customer countries.

In this case, it is possible to form mobile teams to travel to the customer countries to quickly perform complex work on the ground. In addition, these service centers on the territory of one state can become a base for importing equipment from other countries for repair and other work on Russian infantry fighting vehicles. The service center can also become a training base with a practical focus for technical and repair specialists of foreign customers.

Complex repair of combat vehicles with the replacement of parts, overhaul of units with full disassembly and elimination of faulty and worn parts from the assembly, not only requires knowledge of the vehicle design, principles of operation, but also universal equipment and specialized tooling, which is conveniently placed in the service centers of Kurganmashzavod PJSC.

Setting-up service centers or repair bases on the territory of a foreign customer is certainly profitable. Kurganmashzavod PJSC has a rich experience in maintenance and warranty and service support of the BMP IFVs, which will ensure high quality repairs, long-term and uninterrupted operation of the purchased equipment.

4. License production of defense-related products.

Kurganmashzavod is ready to offer the users of its military equipment the mastering of license production of the BMP-3 combat vehicles and vehicles on their base, as well as individual systems and components for them. It all depends on the customer's desire, as well as on the available production facilities.

So, some countries that have a large number of Russian combat vehicles in service are ready to master the license production of the vehicles in full. This is a serious step-by-step work. The pre-production involves the transfer of design documentation, tooling (jigs and fixtures), tools, equipment, preparation of production facilities, and a training ground according to the characteristics set by the Russian side. At the same time, a group of representatives of Kurganmashzavod PJSC will help in organizing all the processes necessary for license production on the customer's territory. Its task is to provide technical advice, as well as on-the-job training of the customer's staff.

At the second stage, large assemblies of components for combat vehicles are delivered to the customer's country. At the same time, the program includes training and study trip of the foreign customer specialists, both in the conditions of their own production facilities and at Kurganmashzavod PJSC, for better mastering of the process and production chain for creating a finished product.

The third stage is delivery to the customer's country of a complete BMP IFV assembly kit, which includes components for the hull and turret, units and assemblies, and the necessary purchased equipment. Thus, the complete assembly, painting, testing and final acceptance of combat vehicles will be carried out on the customer's territory.

At the request of the customer, license production of only individual components of the vehicles can be organized. In this case, the stages of creating such a production are almost the same as when creating a full cycle of vehicles assembly.

Whatever choice the customer makes, they will receive the required package of services and full-fledged assistance from the specialists of Kurganmashzavod PJSC. They are always ready to go to the site and assess the possibility of establishing license production in the territory of the interested state.

5. Modernization of defense-related products.

Kurganmashzavod PJSC, as a developer and manufacturer of the entire model range of Russian infantry fighting vehicles, based on long-term experience in development and production, offers a comprehensive program for the modernization of infantry fighting vehicles and vehicles on their base, taking into account the modern requirements of the armies of most countries for the effectiveness of armored vehicles.

Comprehensive modernization of the defense-related products will increase the factors of combat effectiveness: firepower, protection, mobility, and ergonomics. These upgrades can be done both jointly and separately at the customer's choice.

At the stage of design development of the upgrades, each upgrade was analyzed in order to identify the technical parameters of the upgraded units and assemblies that most significantly affect the factor of the integrated combat effectiveness of the vehicle, with subsequent optimization of these parameters aimed at maximizing this factor. Then the analysis of the mutual influence of the developed upgrades on the parameters of firepower, protection, and mobility was carried out and the most effective upgrades were selected.

The distinctive features of the upgrades are:
- optimal ratio of upgrades, collectively aimed at maximizing the combat effectiveness of the vehicle.
- development and modernization should be carried out directly by the manufacturer of the upgraded vehicles, which guarantees the efficiency and quality of the result.
- as part of the modernization, it is possible to transfer the technology for manufacturing parts and components for modernization at the enterprises of the customer's country under a separate agreement.

The modernization can be carried out both at Kurganmashzavod PJSC and on the customer's territory. If a foreign country has a large number of units of military equipment, it is logical to organize the implementation of the modernization project in specialized service centers at the place of operation. Stationary repair bases are provided with the appropriate infrastructure for all modifications of the BMP IFVs, and are staffed, which will allow for vehicles repairs and upgrades within the framework of a comprehensive program. In this case, the specialists of Kurganmashzavod PJSC will render all necessary assistance in selecting and implementing the options for upgrading the BMP family of vehicles.

It is important that the developed upgrades ensure maximum increase in the combat effectiveness of the armored vehicles. In this case, Kurganmashzavod PJSC, as a manufacturer of upgraded prototypes, guarantees a high-quality result. In addition, it is possible to transfer the technology of manufacturing some parts and units for modernization to the enterprises of the customer's country under a separate agreement.

The upgraded infantry fighting vehicles are received for warranty and service by Kurganmashzavod PJSC along with the serial production vehicles.